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To maintain a warm and inviting atmosphere in retail spaces, facility managers should acknowledge the importance of cleanliness and keeping the space looking pristine and well-maintained. 

However, it is not uncommon for the flooring of a retail space to look dull and worn-out due to the foot traffic retail stores see from visitors and employees during opening hours. 

To keep their flooring looking shiny, polished, and brand-new, facility managers of retail establishments should turn to strip and sealing specialists to strip away coats of the grime, cleaning film, or worn-out sealant of their flooring. 

These specialists will then reseal the surface to improve the aesthetics of the commercial space. Strip and seal services typically work on hard flooring surfaces such as vinyl, tile, and marble flooring. That said, let’s explore four benefits of enlisting the services of strip and seal experts in greater detail.

The benefits of enlisting strip and sealing services

Improved aesthetics

Over time, the floorings of retail spaces experience a state of being worn-out and damaged. This happens when they accumulate dirt, stains, and scratches, causing them to lose their original shine. Strip and seal experts can effectively remove old wax and build-up, restoring the floor’s appearance and improving the aesthetics of a retail space.

Simplified cleaning

Floors which have just been stripped and sealed are easier to clean and maintain. The new seal or wax applied to the flooring makes it smoother and more slip-resistant. This improves the safety of individuals when cleaning. It also prevents dirt, grime, and stains from penetrating deep into the flooring, making routine cleaning more effective.

Cost-effective maintenance

Regular strip and sealing services can be more cost-effective than allowing floors to deteriorate and then replacing them. Constant maintenance will be less costly than a complete flooring makeover. Maintaining the integrity of the existing floor through stripping and sealing avoids costly replacements that could overrun the maintenance budget.

Customised finishes

Depending on the type of sealant or wax used on the retail space’s flooring, strip and seal services allow for customisation of the floor finish. This allows facility managers to choose a finish that complements the overall design and style of their establishment. The customised flooring contributes to a positive perception of the retail space.

ISO certified for quality

Accord Property Services is ISO certified to ensure that all our services have all the requirements for standardisation and quality assurance.

AS/NZS ISO 14001-2016: Environmental Management Systems

AS/NZS ISO 45001-2018: Occupational Health and Safety Management System

AS/NZS ISO 9001-2016: Quality Management Systems Scheme

Award and affiliations

Why choose Accord?

Accord is a leading provider of commercial cleaning in Sydney and across Australia with a 30-year track record. We offer a full suite of services, from maintenance to cleaning services in Sydney, to keep your properties looking pristine and well-maintained.

Our team of experts work around your schedule and help you achieve sustainability goals and foster a healthy environment.

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This will depend on a number of factors, including foot traffic, type of flooring, and environmental conditions. Generally, high-traffic areas may require this service every 6-12 months.

The duration of the process will depend on how large your commercial area is, as well as the condition of your flooring. Generally speaking, it can be completed within a day or over the weekend to minimise disruption to your daily activities.

Yes, specialists in this area use environment-friendly products with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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