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Accord is Sydney’s leading building management service provider with experience supporting 200+ properties.

Award-winning integrated building management in Sydney

strata building management

With over 30 years of experience in providing impeccable strata building management, cleaning and gardening solutions, Accord offers proven and reliable building management expertise.

Our excellence in building management in Sydney is backed by a qualified and experienced team of engineers, compliance officers, cleaners, and maintenance professionals who are dedicated to providing each property with award-winning building management support.

As strata and community living become increasingly popular, the world of real estate and building management in Sydney has also had to come to terms with the complexity of operating and maintaining strata facilities to the highest standards. 

That’s why at Accord, we offer agile building management, gardening, and cleaning solutions for strata buildings that address this operational complexity as well as all other aspects of operations and maintenance that are required to ensure the building is running optimally at all times.

We understand that each strata facility comes with its own distinctive features and our building management, cleaning and gardening solutions are highly customisable and can be easily tailored to the needs of your building. Our tailor-made services not only offer peace of mind but also unparalleled satisfaction at very competitive rates.

Combining management information systems, building facilities management and facilities services, and a 24 /7 customer support centre, Accord delivers the industry’s most comprehensive support platform for Owners Corporations and Executive Committees in Australia.

Our capabilities and services

Management services

We provide round-the-clock building management services such as building compliance and maintenance management in addition to utility management services that cover metering, reporting, and resource optimisation.

Cleaning and maintenance services

Our cleaning and maintenance services cover commercial and residential facilities cleaning, daily washroom cleaning and reporting, waste management, and grounds and garden maintenance.


Our team of experts provide consultation services that support you with creating and maintaining asset registers, managing information systems, administration and supervision of projects and services procurement.

Award and affiliations

What our clients say


A building manager is a person who assists in exercising some functions of the Owners Corporation, such as managing common property, controlling the use of the common property by anyone other than owners or occupiers of lots and maintaining common property.

They liaise with tenants and owners, coordinate and manage maintenance operations, including housekeeping, and security activities, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards and codes.

In simple terms, a strata manager is a person who is responsible for matters relating to the common property of a strata scheme. A building manager is someone who coordinates the maintenance workflows of the common property. A property manager on the hand is the person who is responsible for finding tenants for the property as well as acting as a middleman between a tenant and their landlord.

No, they are distinct roles and are engaged by different people for different areas of a property.

  • Attending site, conducting regular site inspections of the common property and reporting issues found to the strata manager
  • Scheduling and tracking the delivery of repairs and maintenance
  • Administering the attainment of compliance certifications such as AFSS, lift registration, and anchors point certifications to name a few
  • Liaising with contractors regarding attendance and completion of works at the property
  • Liaising with owners and occupants to ensure a harmonious living environment
  • Assisting the Committee with repairs and maintenance matters

In some circumstances, building management also covers:

  • Provision of related services such as cleaning, security, concierge, gardening and pool cleaning
  • Managing major projects
  • Managing keys and access to the building
  • Assisting the strata manager in their functions
  • Maintaining asset lifecycle plans
  • Tracking common property utility consumption
  • Assisting in initiatives to drive costs savings such as installing solar panels, energy-efficient lighting etc

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