Big-company systems plus flexibility

You can rely on us to streamline your operations so that you can feel confidence in the day-to-day performance of your site. We’ll take care of operations and maintenance, space planning, sustainability, compliance and safety requirements for your premises. We’ll help you get the best performance possible out of your facility.

Reducing costs

We’re committed to helping you manage cost. You’ll have peace of mind, thanks to our ‘triage’ approach to onsite issues management. We believe in a proactive approach to maintenance — but we can have a 24-hour response team and engineers onsite, ready to respond to problems as they arise.

You’ll save money using our approach — find out how.

Improving performance, improving value

We’re committed to applying our best-practice methods to help you realise the best value from your property assets. We manage quality and perform rigorous checks on contracted work.

OLD Facility management

Facility management services

Track, reporting and benchmark energy efficiency and environmental impact.

Develop projects designed to improved each and present a business case to customers.

Implement the projects and demonstrate the cost saving result.

Tracking, reporting and benchmarking available office space, worker locations and overall space utilisation.

Scenario planning opportunities to improve space usage efficiency.

Present project cases to customers to improve workplace productivity and space utilisation.

Implementing the project to ensure the customer sees the tangible improvement of productivity or space utility or cost.

Tracking, reporting and benchmarking safety and compliance program oversight and implementation.

Non-conformance prevention, tracking, reporting and awareness management.

Tracking, reporting and benchmarking the delivery of workplace operations and maintenance plans.

Non-conformance prevention, tracking and reporting management.

24/7 Receiving each call with a friendly and leaned personnel, able to provide resolve and support to clients in need.

Ability to log and track service requests against service level agreements.

Drive first call fix and ensure any corrective maintenance is implemented where required.

Providing necessary confirmations and tracking customer satisfaction.

“Accord manages multiple services at all of our locations … making them a ‘one-stop-shop’.

Their customer service and staff are always professional and promptly respond to enquiries. The work is always completed efficiently, conveniently and at a superior standard. They have continually shown flexibility and a willingness to assist with emergencies or variations to our regular schedule.”

Gerald Chan, Executive Manager Health Services