Accord prioritises greener, safer and better value for money maintenance operations in our integrated facilities management plans. We only use Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) accredited and AGAR chemicals in our operations.

GECA’s standards are more rigorous than any other Australian ecolabelling program for commercial cleaning products and are extremely difficult to achieve. The program not only takes into account product factors, such as the ingredients used, level of biodegradability, minimal and recyclable packaging, and increased concentration and product performance but also includes the health impacts that the products can have on the user as well as the conditions that the products are manufactured under.

GECA’s programs are fully transparent and its standards are developed through consultation with a wide range of stakeholders including industries, experts and the general public.

  • Use only GECA accepted raw materials
  • Cleaning products must provide excellent performance
  • Surfactants that are proven to be biodegradable both in the presence and absence of air
  • Packaging is proven to be recyclable and displays the recycle logo
  • The company has proven to be environmentally responsible i.e. has not infringed any EPA laws or regulations

Agar Cleaning Systems supports the production  of sustainable palm oil through the Green Palm programme! 100% of the palm kernel  oil used in ALL of Agar’s products is offset to help improve the environmental and social problems  surrounding the production of palm and palm kernel oil.

At Accord, we use a range of high performance green cleaning products that reduce environmental impact without compromising results. Agar has formulated a range of environmentally preferred cleaning products that are both gentle on cleaners and the environment while still maintaining excellent cleaning power.

A number of products in the Agar’s Green Cleaning Range have been independently certified through Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), the“gold class” of Australian ecolabelling programs. GECA’s  label provides confidence for buyers, confused by the host of green washing marketing material, to make trusted, environmentally sustainable choices.

Green initiatives

At Accord we work only with companies who have a strong belief in ensuring the environment is protected as well as it can be. Below are examples of companies we work with and their policies.