How can commercial building cleaning specialists in Sydney improve employee productivity?

Find out how hiring commercial cleaning experts in Sydney can foster a healthy and productive environment for your workforce.

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Commerical building cleaning in Sydney

Commercial buildings include office spaces, retail spaces, shop lots, warehouses, hotels, and other mixed-development units, among others. Regular maintenance and upkeep are required to keep a commercial building well-maintained and in pristine condition. That said, keeping an entire office building clean is no easy feat.

Many commercial buildings host a collection of retail and office spaces, which are occupied by employees. In the long run, special cleaning chemicals and procedures should be applied to foster a healthy and productive environment for employees to work in.

Employees who occupy these commercial buildings may be preoccupied with their daily roles and responsibilities, leaving little room to carry out daily cleaning duties. A janitor or cleaner assigned to clean such commercial space may also lack the cleaning technology and expertise to deliver exceptional cleaning services. 

This is why commercial building managers should turn to companies that specialise in commercial cleaning in Sydney. With their track record in furnishing commercial building units with a comprehensive range of up-to-date commercial cleaning services, business owners will notice a surge in productivity levels across their organisations.

That said, let’s explore the various benefits that experts in commercial building cleaning in Sydney can offer commercial building managers.

Benefits of hiring companies that specialise in commercial building cleaning in Sydney

Environment-friendly cleaning methods

Contemporary commercial cleaning companies use environment-friendly cleaning chemicals and procedures to address environmental concerns. There are certain cleaning techniques that can be harmful to the environment, which is why hiring commercial cleaning specialists is a move in the right direction for businesses to create a healthier environment for their employees.

Up-to-date technology and expertise

Some commercial units may have mineral deposits on windows, dust on the ceiling, chipped paint, and dirt in hard-to-reach areas. When neglected, this could impede the overall productivity of employees who occupy these spaces. This is why commercial cleaning companies use modern cleaning technology to get rid of dirt and dust, contributing to a productive environment.

Enhanced appearance

With the help of commercial cleaning specialists, commercial spaces will look clean and well-maintained. Since this will be a regular practice, it will leave a lasting positive impression on employees and clients. These cleaning specialists assess commercial units on a case-by-case basis, thereby devising customised cleaning schedules that boost workforce productivity.

Improved health and less stress

Commercial spaces that are cluttered, stuffy, and have dirt collecting in many areas may leave employees feeling stressed and uneasy. It can even cause some serious health issues, if not addressed on time. With the help of commercial cleaning specialists, these spaces can be reorganised, cleaned, sanitised, and disinfected regularly to foster a healthier environment.

ISO certified for quality

Accord Property Services is ISO certified to ensure that all our services have all the requirements for standardisation and quality assurance.

AS/NZS ISO 14001-2016: Environmental Management Systems

AS/NZS ISO 45001-2018: Occupational Health and Safety Management System

AS/NZS ISO 9001-2016: Quality Management Systems Scheme

Award and affiliations

Why choose Accord?

Accord is a leading commercial cleaning service provider in Sydney and across Australia with a 30-year track record. We offer a full suite of services, from commercial building maintenance to cleaning services in Sydney, to keep your establishments looking pristine and well-maintained.

Our team of experts have the latest industry knowledge, trends, practices, and tools to provide top-quality services with the long-term goal of sustainability and fostering a healthy environment.

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A comprehensive range of services is usually offered, including deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, janitorial services, window cleaning, floor scrubbing, and other cleaning solutions which are uniquely tailored on a case-by-case basis.

This will depend on a number of factors, including the size of the commercial space, the type of business they operate, and any specific cleaning requirements that need to be met to foster a healthier environment in the commercial space.

Commercial cleaning specialists in Sydney are typically insured and bonded. Inquire with a provider of commercial building cleaning services about their workers’ insurance coverage before hiring their services.

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