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The cleanliness and safety of your hospitality venue is crucial to upholding your reputation and of course to attracting new patrons and guests!

It is also vital for your Team – assisting in retention of staff – after all, everyone wants to work in a hygienic and happy environment!

We understand that each site may involve different conditions or demands, this is why we adapt our comprehensive services to suit your specific needs – a consultation will be made with you to determine exactly how and when you require tasks to be done.
Our highly educated Sydney based Team are proficient in all areas of WOH&S – attending regular training. You can have ‘peace of mind’ that your company will remain compliant and your employees (or potential visitors) will be working or engaging in a safe work site.

We can assist with your Hospitality Cleaning needs, as well as a range of additional specialised cleaning solutions.

What makes Accord your best choice?

  • OUR SUSTAINABLE COMMITMENT: We have made a commitment to reducing our environmental impact and support sustainability through our zero-landfill policy.We pride ourselves on strictly using ‘Environmental Choice Australia’ (GECA) accredited chemicals for industrial cleaning in Sydney.
  • YOUR BUSINESS IS INDIVIDUAL: Our industrial cleaning services are tailored to our clients needs and requirements – This means you don’t pay for services that aren’t needed.
  • OUR VERSATILITY: We specialise in more than just hospitality cleaning! Accord is a fully fledged Facilities Management company, offering a large range of ancillary specialist cleaning services –  we can be your one stop shop to ensure every service requirement is filled within your building.
  • OUR FLEXIBILITY: We work when you need us too! Our availability is flexible to the needs of your facility.
  • YOU ARE INFORMED: We use an Integrated Management and Reporting System that allows our clients to monitor schedules, cleaning activities and other crucial aspects in running an effective building.
  • OUR QUALITY: Our cleaning Teams are paid above award wage, have police checks and are rigorously trained in WOH&S and Quality Management systems ensuring a high standard each and every time.

Click here to find out more about medical cleaning in your area and get a proposal today.

Below is a guided table displaying our range of services and capabilities in Commercial Services. If you require more information or would like an obligation free quote please ensure to contact us here.

Range of Services and Capabilities Guide


  • Facilities
  • Utilities
  • Leasing
  • Compliance

Hard Services

  • Trades
  • Essential Services
  • Security Services

Soft Services

  • Cleaning
  • Washroom
  • Waste
  • Grounds & Gardens
  • Front of House
  • Special Services


  • Operations
  • Information Systems
  • Engineering
  • Project Facilitation
  • Procurement

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