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Looking for a quality facility management company in Sydney?

Accord is the premiere choice for a wide variety of industries, delivering facility management solutions to a range of customers. Although based in Sydney, our services are available nationwide.

We provide high quality, tailored facility management services that help our customers centralise and streamline the maintenance operations of their property assets. We take care of building space planning, sustainability, compliance, safety, and operations and maintenance requirements, ensuing our customers are always in good hands.

Why Choose Accord Property Services For Facility Management Services?

Our mission is to deliver facility management solutions that work. With more than 30 years’ experience, we focus on helping small and large building owners understand their operations and maintenance obligations to minimise potential risks.

Accord’s friendly specialists are fully trained to deliver customised building management facilities services with a focus on sustainability and value. Our tailored solutions ensure customers achieve the optimal balance between budget constraints and operational success, with property maintenance that allows your assets to run greener and safer.

It’s our combination of world-class people, best-practice integrated systems and mature process flows that makes us highly recommended and keeps us delivering streamlined and efficient facility management solutions to our customers time and time again.

Our Building Management Facilities Services

Accord is pleased to provide facility management services to various sectors, including strata, office, industrial, leisure, government, health and education.
Our comprehensive list of facility maintenance services include:
Whether your building is utilised by employees, students, customers, residents, guests or patients, we provide sustainable, safer and better value-for-money maintenance operations.

At Accord, we understand how hard a task it is to effectively take care of a commercial property, which is why hiring a professional facility management team to handle the work for you is your best bet. Putting your facility management in the hands of a reliable and professional company ensures your property assets are well protected, leaving you free to use your time where it’s needed most.

Finding the right building maintenance and management services for your business is crucial. Our fully trained and experienced staff go above and beyond to provide a positive experience that enhances operations for all customers. Accord is committed to continually improving solutions for our customers that scale to their needs, while offering technical abilities greater than our competitors. As a company, we’re dedicated to the ongoing development of quality, supplier engagement, transparency and enhancing our benchmark levels of service to ensure confidence from our customers.

For facility maintenance services you can trust, contact Accord on 1300 122 267 to discuss your requirements and receive a quote today. We have you covered for facilities management services in Sydney, surrounding NSW suburbs and throughout the rest of Australia.


Facilities management is the practice of managing the operations and maintenance of a real property.

Typical objectives of facilities management can include ensuring structural integrity, occupant safety, comfort, environmental sustainability and hygiene as well as service reliability, cost controls and investor yield optimisation.

Facilities management can also be a support function for a company that has a core business outside of the property (such as a hospital) or a core function for companies such as property funds that invest in property and lease it out as their core business. 

Facilities management is typically beneficial for large individual properties such as stadiums and office buildings or portfolios of high numbers of facilities. Facilities management is typically uncommon in individual dwellings as the complexity is low and the economics of the property does not permit the costs associated with facilities management.

However, technologies are evolving that augment aspects of facilities management for smaller, less critical facilities.

  • Budgeting
  • Lease administration
  • Procure to pay management for property related services
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Contractor and property compliance management
  • Service delivery tracking
  • Property supervision, attendance and inspection
  • Stakeholder liaison
  • Utilities monitoring and management
  • Management information systems
  • Capital improvements

Typically, the size, complexity and criticality of one or many properties within a portfolio will drive prudent decisions about the commercial property management approach.

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Our approach to facilities management begins with understanding the unique requirements of each facility. This is because, not all facilities are built and maintained in the same way, so they might require different services to maintain upkeep.

Then we create a tailored facilities management solution that addresses every requirement we’ve identified. Once the tailored solution is approved by the clients, we proceed to execute our tailored solution with the backing of our experienced team of professionals.

At the end of the day, customer satisfaction underlines everything we do.

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