Conserving energy with professional strata window cleaning in Sydney

Keep your windows spotless with our full suite of strata window cleaning services—without wasteful energy consumption.

Conserving energy with professional strata window cleaning in Sydney

Keep your windows spotless with our full suite of strata window cleaning services—without wasteful energy consumption.

Windows connect you with the outside world. You can soak in the sun through windows while indoors within the four walls of a building. When dirt, grime, or mineral deposits dissolve into your window glass, however, it obstructs the panoramic view of your surroundings.

Strata cleaning services in Sydney, however, can improve your view, no matter the building, whether it’s a residential unit or a commercial space. Experienced professionals from strata cleaning companies will likely specialise in strata window cleaning that conserves energy. 

Professionals offering strata window cleaning in Sydney are equipped with an energy-efficient approach that reduces energy usage from HVAC-related units. In return, your strata community gets a spotless view and healthy living conditions through energy conservation. 

Through energy-conserving strata window cleaning services, you can reap greater health benefits and raise the desirability and value of your property.

Typical processes offered by strata window cleaning services in Sydney

Facade cleaning

Strata window cleaning experts are trained to clean hard-to-reach areas. Schedule facade cleaning appointments with professionals to enjoy the view from your high-rise office or residential building.

Exterior window cleaning

By enlisting the help of a professional window cleaning service, you no longer have to stand in the hot sun to get your windows clean, as professionals will keep your exterior window view unobstructed.

Interior window cleaning

Not only what’s on the outside matters; the inside matters too. Well-equipped and qualified strata window cleaning professionals will keep your interior view just as transparent as the external view.

Why choose Accord?

Environment-friendly strata window cleaning

We comply with the use of Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA)-accredited chemicals at our cleaning sites. They are backed by ISO certifications across quality, safety, and the environment.

Industry-leading procedural management system 

We commit to meeting stringent employment and environmental standards, helping you achieve your objectives with peace of mind. Our approach ensures you enjoy the latest best practices. 

Tailored cleaning and maintenance plans 

At Accord, we understand that every strata property is unique and has different requirements. That’s why our cleaning support is tailored to meet the unique needs of your strata scheme. 

Transparent and accountable services 

We provide a detailed scope of our cleaning duties before beginning a job, along with a set cleaning and maintenance schedule, ensuring there’s complete transparency and accountability. 

What our clients say

Get squeaky-clean windows with strata window cleaning in Sydney today


Accord has a 30-year track record in providing top-notch strata and commercial cleaning services not just in Sydney, but nationwide too. We are highly acclaimed for managing commercial and residential properties throughout Australia. This is due to our transparency and state-of-the-art cleaning technology, as well as our dedication and commitment to delivering high-quality services to our clients through our team of professional cleaning experts.

Accord has gained the following ISO certifications to ensure that all of our services meet the requirements of standardisation and quality assurance: 

All of our cleaning solutions are accredited by the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certification. Our biodegradable and composting waste management and usage of recycled water prevent harmful effects on the environment. 

Under our strata cleaning services, we provide a comprehensive suite of strata window cleaning services that conserve energy. We provide facade cleaning, and both interior and exterior window cleaning.

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