Reputed commercial garden maintenance services

Enhance the value of your property with professional commercial grounds and garden maintenance services throughout the year.

Reputed commercial garden maintenance services

Enhance the value of your property with professional commercial grounds and garden maintenance services throughout the year.

Among other factors, the value of your commercial building largely depends on the maintenance and upkeep of every aspect of it. This extends to your grounds and garden, which are often the first thing people see when they enter your premises.

As an award-winning property service provider with over 30 years of experience, at Accord, we understand the value of consistent, high-quality grounds and garden maintenance of your commercial building

We also know how important a customised approach is to meet your requirements.

That’s why our services are tailor-made to meet your property’s unique specifications, budget, and outdoor landscape. In doing so, we ensure you get the very best of our cutting-edge tools, decades of experience, and knowledgeable, ISO-certified team. 

We help you make your grounds and garden the pride of your commercial property with our centralised and transparent approach to maintenance schedules, regular upkeep, or the complete redesign of your outdoor spaces. 

Our services for commercial grounds and gardens

Broadacre mowing and slashing

Environmental management

Tree care and arboriculture

Hard and soft landscaping services

Irrigation installation and maintenance

Our services for commercial grounds and gardens

Our commitment

ISO certified for quality

Accord Property Services is ISO certified to ensure that all our services have all the requirements for standardisation and quality assurance.

AS/NZS ISO 14001-2016: Environmental Management Systems

AS/NZS ISO 45001-2018: Occupational Health and Safety Management System

AS/NZS ISO 9001-2016: Quality Management Systems Scheme

What Clients Say About Us?

Commercial cleaning

Accord provides building management, cleaning, and gardening services for Pymble Place. Since the appointment, our services have been instrumental in assisting the property developer in navigating the development, fit-out, leasing, and sell-off of aspects of the property. We ensure the building is clean, hygienic, compliant, and maximize tenant experience to optimize the developer's return.

A three-story commercial development

Commercial cleaning

Since 2019, we've worked with a data analytics company, providing office space with a range of cleaning and gardening maintenance services. Through our support, we've ensured seamless compliance with leading health and hygiene regulations.

A modern office space in Sydney

Commercial cleaning

Since 2020, we've been working with Australia's only passive housing apartment's management team, providing building management, cleaning, and gardening services. Located in New South Wales, this building is a noteworthy landmark.

Australia's leading passive housing apartment

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At Accord, we know a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t suited to making sure your property is in the best shape possible. That’s why we offer comprehensive, tailor-made solutions to meet your requirements.

That means whether you want to maintain your commercial garden in pristine condition around the year, restore a neglected space to its former glory, or give your grounds and garden regular maintenance and upkeep support, our service support ensures your objectives are met.

The Accord team will cater to every requirement to ensure that your grounds and garden are maintained and in the best possible condition throughout the year. 

Our services include lawn mowing, irrigation, tree care, clean up, design, environmental management as well as long-term care through regular pruning.

Here at Accord, we also support your commercial building with a full suite of facilities management services. 

We take care of compliance requirements, waste management, washroom maintenance, cleaning, project facilitation, security services, utility management, and much more to ensure your properties run smoothly.

Part of ensuring compliance for your commercial building is maintaining our own compliance.

Our teams are fully insured, trained, certified, and qualified to provide the services we offer you. Among our certifications are ISO certifications across environment, health and safety, and quality assurance. 

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