Five things to look for in the procurement of your next commercial or strata cleaning provider

Sourcing a commercial or strata cleaning provider can seem like an expensive venture but it can actually be a smart way to spend your money in the long run.

Whether you manage a commercial or residential building, it’s fair to say you may already have had some push back to the idea of procuring a strata cleaning provider.

Seeking professional services can have many benefits for a commercial or strata managed building and it’s worth digging your heels in on this one.

Routine maintenance is extremely important, not only for the reputation of your building but also the health and safety of the residents or employees if you’re in a commercial setting. In addition, routine maintenance can go a long way to extending the life of your building, helping you get the most out of your investment.

Looking for a strata cleaning provider can be a little overwhelming but one of the first things to think about is what you’d like to include in the contract. Professional strata cleaning providers can cover a range of needs for your building including:

  •     Building interiors such as floors, shared spaces, elevators, hallways, and gyms.
  •     Building exteriors such as gardens, lawns, pools, roofing and building facades.
  •     Some routine and regular maintenance tasks such as cleaning, topping up supplies in shared bathrooms, laundries, changing light fittings or ensuring you have working emergency lighting.

Knowing the scope, size of your building and the current condition of your building will be very helpful in determining an accurate estimate for the cost of professional strata cleaning services.

Once you’ve started locking in these details, it’s time to start looking at some possible suppliers. Here are five things to look for to ensure you procure a professional and high-quality service:

  1. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s

Starting with the detail and paperwork can be a good way to weed out any dodgy operators. Professional providers will need to hold certain accreditation with regulating bodies and they should also provide insurance and liability in case of an incident occurring on your property

  1. Hire a professional

Picking a provider with demonstrated experience is extremely important for these kinds of tasks. The right provider will also ensure their staff are trained and certified to work in commercial spaces too. It’s definitely a good idea to ask the prospective provider for references and a short summary of their work history.

  1. The right tools for the job

A professional provider will ensure their staff have access to high quality equipment to ensure they complete the tasks to the very best standards. Equipment needs to be tagged, tested and maintained regularly so having a provider that ensures this occurs is important. Cleaning certain surfaces including floors or facades can be delicate and best left to a professional. Regular and abrasive cleaning can actually increase the rate of deterioration in some cases so it’s important these tasks are done properly and with the right tools to ensure your building is ultimately protected.

  1. Consider the environment

Finding a provider that uses quality equipment doesn’t necessarily mean you will compromise on sustainability. Most professional providers will be actively looking to reduce their impact on the environment without reducing the quality of the clean or service provided. Make sure you ask for details of the type of equipment and any chemicals used and whether their operations are sustainable.

  1. Be smart and save

Locking yourself into a clearly scoped, long term contract can actually save you money down the track. Tying preventative maintenance and routine maintenance tasks into one contract for one provider rather than multiple providers can save you money in administration fees as well as time. It’s also a good way to build trust with one supplier, ensuring you get value for what you’re paying for over the life of your contract.

Need some help taking the leap?

It’s never too early to chat with a professional and seek some advice. Accord can offer a range of property services as well as advice on procuring a strata cleaning professional.

To get started simply call 1300 122 267, head to or email: to get the conversation started.

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