Your step-by-step guide to securing building management solutions for your strata properties

Add value to your portfolio while improving profitability and streamlining your operations through high-quality building management procurement.

What impact do building management solutions have on your portfolio?

Strata titles are a burgeoning market in the property landscape but the recent global health crisis has changed the way this industry functions and will function in the future. 

In the years to come, individuals looking to invest in strata properties will be looking for value addition, and the only way to meet these evolving needs will be through high-quality procurement to leverage the best building management solutions for strata facilities.  

Increase your schedule Bs, improve your strata portfolio maintenance, add to the services you provide, and create higher value addition through streamlined systems and processes for better strata management. 

All this and more is possible when you work with the right building management service provider.

What will you gain from this eBook?

Insight into how you can increase schedule Bs with value-added building management in the contemporary landscape

What you need to look for in the ideal building management service provider for your strata portfolio

An understanding of what building management procurement can do to enhance your portfolio value

If you are a strata manager looking to:

  • Boost the profitability of your strata portfolio
  • Create more room for higher value-added skills and responsibilities
  • Increase the value of your strata through better maintenance
  • Improve and add value to your strata services 
  • Streamline your operations and boost management efficiency

Then this resource is for you.

Learn more about Accord

Today, Accord Property Services offers complete, integrated facility management, grounds maintenance, cleaning and new development services for your residential and commercial spaces.

We tailor our services to meet your needs and the unique requirements of each of your properties. 

From compliance expertise and a highly trained team to a strong, collaborative relationship and a commitment to eco-conscious operations, we help you maximise your property value.

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