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Qantas Campus
Case study: Qantas campus revamp

In 2013, Accord secured a major contract to provide operations and maintenance services for Qantas’ upgraded global headquarters in Mascot, NSW.

To support the new facility, all building services and aging plant and equipment were replaced and new systems were introduced to reduce energy consumption.

Accord took a partnership approach with Qantas to jointly interview prospective staff for the contract. Qantas’ control over the calibre and quality of the facilities management team gave reassurance that Accord’s FM professionals would be good cultural fit with the Qantas property team.

Case study:  Helping a customer meet insurance requirements

The Finger Wharf Woolloomooloo is a large and complex site. In order to meet its documentation requirements for insurance renewal, our client needed an accurate replacement value for the plant and equipment in the building.

Accord was hired to complete an Operations Management Plan for the site. Our OMP detailed all serviceable assets and maintenance requirements. The OMP resulted in a substantially reduced insurance premium and comprehensive list of maintenance requirements for the site.

Case study: Extended warranty for new plant

During the refurbishment of the Qantas campus, Accord was faced with managing significant new plant – lifts, plumbing, electrical systems. To maximise warranty coverage, Accord opted to retain the technical experts who installed business-critical new equipment and who could discharge the warranties linked to the equipment.

This strategy maximised the retention of site knowledge and expertise, the continuity and delivery of quality services, and meant that Accord could call on a repository of documentation pre-dating our commencement as Qantas’ supplier of facilities management services.

Case study: Triage cuts Qantas’ costs

Qantas wanted to minimise the uncontained cost of repairs beyond the scope of preventative maintenance.

That’s why Accord adopts a ‘technical triage’ approach, ensuring rapid deployment of technical experts who can quickly differentiate between simple repairs that they can effect immediately, and more complex problems that require the engagement of a subcontractor.

Accord’s ‘technical triage’ approach begins when a maintenance call is logged at our 24/7 helpdesk, for example, a report of a workstation that has lost power. Rather than simply issue a work order to an electrician for the work, Accord’s technically qualified facility manager personally attends the incident.

Because our managers are technical experts rather than off-site administrators, they can check for simple causes, eg. a tripped residual current device.

FDC Qantas Bourke Rd Coward St Mascot 28 Jan 2014 Hudson Fysh Street Day 4
Case study: Qantas smart solutions for a complex site

Accord’s Operations Maintenance Plan for Qantas sets a new benchmark for the management of ‘A grade’ facilities.

Qantas has invested in new plant and high quality facilities at the site. In many instances, the industry standards for maintenance were not deemed to provide a level of care that was suitably intensive to protect Qantas’ considerable investment in the site over the duration of a long (22-year) lease. Accordingly, Accord worked with Qantas to develop a higher, better standard — one that would ensure continued site performance and protection of site assets.

Accord responded to the specific needs of the site by applying a smart, holistic and tailor-made Operations Maintenance Plan. The focus of the OMP was to make the facilities management risk-minimal, durable and cost-effective, with the aim of seamless delivery.