Our minds are on facility management and services 100%

What sets Accord apart from our competitors?

It’s that we’re facilities management specialists. Our minds are on facilities management 100%.

Read about our work. Learn about our people.

How do our clients benefit?

Accord is proud of its unique position in Australia’s facilities management sector. We regard ourselves as offering an unmatched services profile — one that advantages our client in a number of ways.

Our clients benefit from three key Accord service differentiators:

  • We’re facilities management specialists
  • We have a smart, integrated approach
  • We’re committed to adapting to suit our customers’ needs.
How do Accord make a difference?

Your specific onsite needs determine every decision we make.

  • We manage client cost through a ‘triage response’ approach.
  • Our technical engineers audit quality of maintenance completed as a strict precondition of payment
  • We integrate seamlessly into your ecosystem. We’re adaptable, we’re committed.

Australia's facility management innovators


We’re providing and continually improving safety in the workplace for staff, clients and suppliers.


This means providing and continually improving qualified and engaged staff for our clients projects.


We’re providing and continually improving robust integrated systems and procedures that provide automation of critical processes and ensure process reliability.

Service level agreements

We’re providing and continually improving our benchmark levels of service.


We’re providing and continually improving the level of ethics and transparency to ensure confidence from our customers.


We’re providing and continually improving quality, competitiveness, consistency and engagement of suppliers.

Senior management

We provide and continually improve the quality and standard of the company’s senior management.


We’re providing and continually improving solutions for our customers that scale to their needs and ensure our technical abilities are greater than our competitors.


We’re providing and continually improving growth of sustainable revenue streams on balanced commercial terms.

“I have dealt with several different property services providers over the last 15 years, but have never come across anyone quite like Accord Property Services. They have been looking after the commercial cleaning and maintenance of our office in Newcastle for many years now. Nick and the team from Sydney are professional and very friendly. I have found the local staff to be extremely flexible, reliable and meticulous with their work.”

Renae B​ – Teachers Mutual Bank