Facility Management

Accord delivers facility management solutions to a range of customers.

We help our customers centralise and streamline the maintenance operations of their property assets to ensure they run greener and safer and get better value for money.

Our tailored solutions ensure our customers achieve the optimal balance between budget constraints and operational success.

Our combination of world-class people, best-practice integrated systems and mature process flows keeps us delivering streamlined and efficient facility management solutions to our customers.

Service components

Stand alone and integrated facilities management

In-house soft and hard services integration

Range of commercial models

Full-time, part-time or remote management coverage

24 x 7 x 365 customer service help desk

Comprehensive financial management

Consolidated predictive, preventive, reactive and compliance maintenance management

Asset lifecycle planning

Industry leading reporting and dashboarding


Centralised and streamlined maintenance of your property assets.

Experienced staff and best-practice quality assurance systems ensure your peace of mind.

Greener, safer and better value-for-money maintenance operations.

24/7 support.



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